The Impact

Redefining scriptwriting for game development

Voiceovers simplified, budgets optimized, and development accelerated.

Streamline pickups

Streamline work with AI-powered audio. Generate new takes in an instant.

Speed up post production

Generate crystal-clear dialogue, with no background noise. A clean slate for audio editing.

Save on studio fees

Generate high quality audio from your computer, without booking studio time.

Realistic temp dialogue

Utilize realistic placeholders early in the development cycle, while VO is still being recorded.

Focus on what matters

Generate crystal-clear dialogue, with no background noise. No additional audio editing needed.

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What we do


Craft distinct character voices, manage game audio, and export with precision in our 
user-friendly dashboard.

Ethical AI voices

Growing library of premade voices
All voices cloned with voice actor permission
Full commercial license for use in your game
Screenshot of Ethical AI Voices window
Screenshot of Voice Cloning window

Voice cloning

Upload audio samples to train a custom voice
Streamline pickups and revisions
Generate clean audio with your voice without a studio

Bulk import (coming soon)

Import a CSV with your dialogue
Generate audio for all lines in one batch
Export to a zip file
Screenshot of Bulk Import window

First Reactions

As a sound designer working on small indie teams, access to high quality voiceovers is an absolute game changer in helping us convey our creative vision to players.

Headshot of Austin Blackwell

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